Enjoy Live Entertainment & Musicians as You Eat

Weekends at Oliver’s Dairy Bar & Grill mean live entertainment by local musicians. Sit on our deck and enjoy your meal, a cold beverage, or a delicious frozen treat and enjoy music by talented musicians from North Windham, CT, and the surrounding areas. Bring your family or friends and enjoy a night out.
To find out who is performing, check our Facebook page, or contact us: (860) 450-5555.
These Nigerian Dwarf Goats are about as friendly as they come! Ironically, they are an American breed of dwarf goat, yet derived from the West African Dwarf Group.
These furry friends were born on April 13, 2019 and are currently still bottle fed (which is adorable to watch!) and they eat small amounts of grain. Within the next week or two, they will eat grain and hay like it’s going out of style!
They only reach about 23 inches at full growth and won’t get any bigger than 30 pounds (unless someone feeds them too much!)
They absolutely love people and kids especially! (No pun intended!) If you sit down, they will sit on your lap and they love affection! They like to be held, cuddled and adored and love being pet! They say baby goats are a lot like human babies in that sense. As you can see from their logs to play on, they like high places and often look for them!






Bring your children to Oliver’s Dairy Bar & Grill and enjoy some time relaxing while they play in a safe space. We have a vinyl playscape available for the kids to climb on and enjoy. As you wait for your meal, your kids can enjoy swinging on the swings, playing in the playhouse, using the slide, and generally having fun. Let your kids run around while you relax and enjoy the evening.

Cornhole and Lifesize Jenga!

For the kid in you, enjoy a game of Cornhole and Jenga while you’re here!